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American Cartage and Contractors Association

Our mission is to help members and associate members operate successfully by providing up-to-date industry information, technical research data, industry contacts, consumer help and affordable payroll services.
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What We Do

American Cartage and Contractors Association Inc. is a nationwide trade association of artisan contractors and independent trucking contractors. This group of professionals collectively represents the voice of the construction and transportation industry in America.

Who Can Join

Membership in the ACCA is open to contractors, subcontractors, associate members, and independent owner operators. The ACCA was formed in 2005 to assist the building and transportation industries in reducing administrative and overhead costs while improving owner’s production.

Key Benefits

Savings from member benefits could pay for your membership. Available to association members are:

  • Educational Seminars
  • Individual Benefits
  • Discounted Payroll Services
  • Discounted GL Coverage
  • Free Risk Consultation

Member Benefits

Business Tools

ACCA Members have access to Payroll, CPA/Tax Accounting Services, and Human Resource tools and information

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Insurance Services

Member discounts available for Employee Benefits, Liability Insurance, and Insurance Premium Funding

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Risk Management

Programs for Fleet Management & Safety, Loss Control & Risk Management, and Residential Warranties

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